Metal Surface Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Series

  • PU foam Insulation Board Series

    PU foam Insulation Board Series

    Description The rigid foam polyurethane composite insulation board is an insulation board with rigid foam polyurethane insulation material as the core material and a cement-based protective layer on both sides. It adopts continuous production equipment-secondary molding, which not only meets the high standards of building energy-saving insulation, but also enhances The stability of the system; the board has dual interfaces when it leaves the factory, which can effectively avoid the ...
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Exterior Wall Panels

    Polyurethane Sandwich Exterior Wall Panels

    PU Sandwich panels are widely used in commercial and industrial building construction as external walls, roofs, and ceiling panels. Due to the excellent performance of the insulation, PU(polyurethane) sandwich panels are commonly adopted for heat insulation and deadening applications in these buildings,such as food cold stores,industry halls, warehouses, logistic centers, offices, sport halls as well as rural buildings.