Phenolic Air Duct Construction Technology And Matters Needing Attention

Phenolic aluminum foil composite panel is a sandwich panel made of phenolic foam board and aluminum foil. This sandwich panel plus special flange fittings make a phenolic composite air duct. Phenolic air ducts are generally used for central air-conditioning ventilation, which has a great improvement in overall performance compared with general traditional air ducts. The installation of phenolic air ducts is generally made, measured and installed on-site after purchasing finished phenolic composite panels and accessories. Now we will introduce the construction technology and precautions of phenolic air duct.

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Process principle

The aluminum foil composite phenolic insulation board is used as the main material, and special production tools are used. According to the physical and chemical properties of the phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct at the construction site, the aluminum-platinum composite phenolic insulation board can be cut, bonded and spliced ​​conveniently and quickly at the construction site. The internal joints of the air duct are coated with sealant to make the ventilation duct, and then the duct system is formed by special flanges and other parts and accessories. The phenolic air duct is marked with the length of the inner side.

Main technological process and operation points

Ⅰ. Construction process

Preparation work → duct production → duct reinforcement → duct connection → duct hoisting → repair → inspection.

Ⅱ. Operation points

Preparation work A set of special construction tools are prepared before construction, and the work platform is made. Conduct on-site technical and safety clarifications to the construction personnel. Decompose the air duct construction drawings, determine the installation positions of air conditioning equipment and air duct components, disassemble the air duct system into straight ducts, elbows, variable diameters, tees, crosses, etc.; determine the straight ducts and special shapes Reasonable length and number of pipes; determine the connection method of the air pipe and the air-conditioning equipment and various parts of the air pipe and the corresponding connection accessories; determine the reinforcement method of the air pipe; calculate the amount of the plate; according to the splitting of the air pipe and combine the main The auxiliary material ratio table calculates the consumption of various auxiliary materials. Since the size of phenolic foam board is 4000×1200mm and 2000×1200 (length×width), the specifications and sizes of the designed air ducts are various, so in the scribing process, it should be accurately calculated and reasonably scribed and cut. Material is the key to reducing material loss.

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Phenolic aluminum foil composite wind pipe manufacturing and installation process is advanced and rigorous. The wind pipe has good appearance, light weight, and is convenient for hoisting. It is processed on site according to the design specifications and dimensions, and it is hoisted at one time without adding an insulation layer. The phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct system has excellent fire resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, good sound insulation performance, light weight and convenient construction, and has achieved obvious social and economic benefits. When designing the air duct, on-site installers must pay attention to the precise size and reasonable use of materials to ensure that the material loss is not excessive.

Post time: Aug-09-2021