How about ZDWPhenolic Foam Board

What is phenolic foam board
Phenolic foam board, which is mainly made of phenolic foam as the main material, and then added with a variety of chemical substances to support the rigid foam material. It is suitable for building materials and is a good thermal insulation material. The new fire and sound insulation materials on the market are mainly phenolic foam boards.2双面铝箔复合酚醛墙体保温板

temperature resistance, environmental protection, and burning toxicity in modern buildings. Because it can better adapt to harsh environments. It is light in weight and can guarantee that it does not burn in the event of a fire. Even if it is burned, it will be smokeless and non-toxic, and has weak thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation. Many office buildings use it as a building material, which plays a role in heat preservation and sound insulation. It is a very ideal building material.


Phenolic foam advantages


1. Good fire resistance: According to tests, ordinary phenolic foam can keep it from being penetrated by fire within one hour when it encounters a fire, and its flammability is extremely low when it encounters an open flame. And it can form a graphite foam layer on the surface when it is burned, which can ensure the internal structure, so that it will not cause collapse and other phenomena. High fire rating. The new and revised phenolic foam board can reach the limit of 3 hours of non-combustibility, and its fire resistance is gradually being used in buildings and in many fields.


2. Low thermal conductivity: its thermal conductivity is several times that of the original material polystyrene. High thermal insulation coefficient, thermal insulation.


3. Strong anti-corrosion ability and long life: good chemical stability ensures that it can be corrosive to acidic substances or organic solvents for time. Long-term exposure can also guarantee a long life, basically no need to replace. There is little aging. It is a good corrosion-resistant building material.


4. Light weight and low density: Phenolic foam of the same size will be much lighter than other panels. Such building materials can reduce the weight and cost of the building, but the quality is much better. And easy to construct.


5. Good environmental performance: Existing building materials, including glass wool, polyurethane, etc., emit toxic gases when heated, and cannot guarantee the safety of life in the event of a fire. The phenolic foam board has no fiber content. Moreover, its foaming technology also uses advanced fluorine-free foaming technology to ensure environmental protection, and no toxic gas will be volatilized when a fire occurs, thereby giving the greatest safety guarantee to the human body.




Post time: Oct-27-2021