Rigid foam polyurethane composite insulation board

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The hard foam polyurethane composite insulation board is an insulation board with hard foam polyurethane insulation material as the core material and a composite cement-based protective layer on both sides. It is formed in one step using continuous production equipment. While meeting high standards of building energy-saving insulation, it is also more The stability of the system is enhanced; the board is shipped with dual interfaces, which can effectively prevent fires caused by cigarette butts and electric welding during transportation, stacking at the construction site, and wall construction; hard foam polyurethane is a thermosetting material , does not melt when exposed to fire, has no burning drippings, and has no flame propagation properties after forming a system, which greatly improves the fire resistance during use. The double-sided cement-based surface layer can enhance the bonding strength between the insulation board, the adhesive, and the plastering mortar, thereby ensuring the integrity and stability of the system.

Post time: Dec-07-2023