Increase two new production lines, win-win future

Increase two new production lines, win-win future


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Recently, the company’s two new insulation board production lines have been put into production smoothly, and the produced insulation boards will be sold to all parts of the country. “No pain, no gain”, we firmly believe that as long as we take the market as the guide, innovation as the driving force, quality for survival, and development for growth, we will surely win a better tomorrow.


In terms of improving product quality, we continue to improve the quality standard system, purchase advanced testing equipment and instruments, continue research and development, and strengthen training. In terms of marketing, we adhere to the business philosophy of “honesty and integrity, harmony and innovation”, and always adhere to customer needs as the center and market demand as the guide.


In order to realize the enterprise plan of expanding production capacity and diversified development, the company introduced two production lines for the production of phenolic resin insulation board and polyurethane insulation board, plus the original two production lines, the company has a total of four production lines. The investment of the new production line marks that the company’s annual production capacity has increased from the previous 180,000 cubic meters (4.464 million square meters) to 360,000 cubic meters (8.928 million square meters).

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The company has always had stable production capacity and continuous orders. This year, the company’s R&D team has improved its technology and added an intelligent automated production line to meet the production needs of high-end products. Let’s take a look at the processing flow of the new production line: laying aluminum foil, cutting materials, sending them to the laminator → outputting finished products → cutting finished products → curing → packaging. 微信图片_20230517153641 微信图片_20230517153646 微信图片_20230517153652


The company currently has four production lines, which can produce insulation boards of various thicknesses, and the length can be adjusted according to actual needs. After the production line was upgraded this year, the insulation boards produced have a wider range of applications and can meet the different needs of more companies.


Post time: May-17-2023