What is Modified Phenolic Fireproof Insulation Board ?

Modified phenolic insulation board is made of phenolic foam. Its main components are phenol and formaldehyde. Phenolic foam is a new type of flame-retardant, fireproof and low-smoke insulation material (under limited conditions). It is made of phenolic resin with foaming agent, Closed-cell rigid foam made of curing agent and other additives. Phenolic foam is a phenolic resin as the main raw material, adding curing agent, foaming agent and other auxiliary components, while the resin is cross-linked and solidified, the foaming agent generates gas dispersed in it and foamed to form a foam. Modified phenolic fireproof insulation board has many excellent properties:

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(1) It has a uniform closed-cell structure, low thermal conductivity, and thermal insulation performance equivalent to polyurethane, better than polystyrene foam;

(2) Under the direct action of the flame, there is carbon formation, no dripping, no curling, and no melting. After the flame burns, a layer of "graphite foam" is formed on the surface, which effectively protects the foam structure in the layer and resists flame penetration. The time can be up to 1 h;

(3) The scope of application is large, up to -200~200 ℃, and it can be used for a long time at 140~160 ℃;

(4) Phenolic molecules only have carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. When they are decomposed at high temperature, there are no other toxic gases except a small amount of CO. The maximum smoke density is 5.0%;

(5) In addition to being corroded by strong alkalis, phenolic foam can withstand almost all inorganic acids, organic acids, and organic solvents. Long-term exposure to the sun, no obvious aging phenomenon, compared with other organic thermal insulation materials, its service life is longer;

(6) It has a good closed-cell structure, low water absorption, strong anti-vapor penetration, and no condensation during cold storage;

(7) The size is stable, the rate of change is small, and the rate of size change is less than 4% within the use temperature range.

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Modified phenolic fireproof insulation board has become the mainstream of its application as a heat insulation and flame retardant building material. It is widely used in external wall insulation systems: thin plastering systems for external walls, glass curtain wall insulation, decorative insulation, external wall insulation and fire insulation belts, etc.

Post time: Aug-09-2021